Pet Spa Packages



Personal Dog Grooming Services

New clients, I routinely allow one and one half hours for my first visit for both the assessment and initial grooming. We will then schedule future grooming appointments, placing your dog on a 4 week grooming cycle.

Regular and repeat grooming are necessary to properly maintain the integrity of the coat and skin without subjecting your dog to unpleasant or unsafe grooming procedures. For example, infrequent grooming for many breeds, such as poodle mixes and dogs with longer coats, inevitably creates undue stress for both your dog and the groomer. As a responsible caring groomer, I always want to set the animals up for success in a stress free environment that fosters the overall health and well-being of your precious companion.

Shampoos & Conditioners

All products used are natural and biodegradable. A large variety of products is maintained at all time in order to appropriately treat your dog’s particular coat condition.

Spa Package

  • Warm Gentle Hydro Massage Bath
  • Blueberry Facial Treatment
  • High Quality Shampoos/Conditioners (skin/coat type)
  • Eyes Cleaned
  • Ears Cleaned
  • Paw Pad Treatment
  • Nails Trimmed/Filed
  • Hand Drying
  • Coat Brush Out
  • Fresh Breath
  • Doggie Cologne
  • Hand Made Vintage Style Bows or Bow Tie

De-Shedding Treatment

Solution shampoo and treatment conditioners are used to help release loose hair and undercoat during bathing. We gently scrub with rubber brushes, while exfoliating the skin, then blow out the excess fur. We finish off by using de-shedding tools, brushing and combing out the coat. This treatment will significantly reduce both seasonal and non-seasonal shedding.