Why Mobile Grooming?

Mobile is Simply the Best!

Splash Dog Groom & Spa creates a world class pet spa experience not only by having a luxurious mobile spa come to you, but also by providing the finest services available. Whether your pet is delighted with a hydrotherapy bath, a medicated soak, or aromatherapy, our treatments have been customized and delicately balanced with the finest natural ingredients and cutting edge technology. Your pet is groomed in a calm and familiar environment which reduces stress and separation anxiety. Splash Dog Groom & Spa treatments provide unmatched results in order to soothe and nurture your pet.

  • We Drive to You: This way you do not have to waste time on the roads, in traffic, finding parking, and your dog is much less stressed—all he or she has to do is walk down your driveway.
  • No Cages: We groom dogs individually and if you have more than one, we organize a nice and fresh bed for the dogs waiting their turn. Your pet will also be hand dried, which eliminates any potential risks of cage drying.
  • No Rush: We allow enough time in between appointments so your dog will not be rushed. Although, please take note that there are numerous factors that we cannot control (e.g. traffic). Therefore we cannot guarantee a precise time of arrival, rather a window of 30 minutes before or after your scheduled time.
  • Safe Environment: Your pet is not exposed to parasites, diseases, or aggressiveness by other animals. We clean our work area and disinfect tools after each furry customer. All in all, your pet will have our undivided attention!